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Monday, 1 April 2013

I buried my heart

Slowly, silently, now the moon
I laid my dogs to rest this day 

Over the advent season 
Where death became of the lord 

To awaken as prophecy, the old religion 
I laid my two little puppies to sleep 

I dug a hole one next to each other 
And had my puppies buried in the ground 

Along with an affinity to the old religion 
Along with an old bond once so strong 

I laid my dogs to rest, once as a best friend 
In seasons of advent, now we let go 

Of betrayal common to bring death
I buried my left arm, it worried me 

It was too heavy, it drained me 
My heart, it left me without calm  

So just as I buried my two little puppies 
I buried my worrisome heart 

Slowly, silently, now the moon 
Beneath the moonlight, I buried my heart 

Picture by: http://dzordzorme.blogspot.com/

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