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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A hundred birds on a tree

When I started life I started well   
Somewhere on a tree I knew a hundred doves  

Each season, one flies and others follow 
Sometimes, sometimes they come back 

But most times, each season 
When they fly off, not as many return 

I started with a hundred doves 
Stood, on my favored tree

One named, Peter, Julie, Sarah  
And Paul was another with a name in line 

When I started life I started well 
Somewhere on a tree  I knew a hundred doves 

Each season I lose one or two or three 
Sometimes more, at a go 

Last I counted, I was down in figures 
On single digits, my tree looks empty 

Most of my doves have long flown off 
And each season I keep losing more 

Hoping to reverse this extinct fear 
Each year I lose more and more 

The weather, has changed 
The earth is with thirst, harsh the sun  

A hundred friends and love I have lost  
Each year I lose some more... 

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