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Monday, 29 April 2013

Trotro Stories #9 Accra with a Monday Blue Sky

Monday blues, sky and clouds 
Traffic jam and fine clothes ironed 

Monday hectic bustle, hustle in Accra 
Phones that ring, like music symphony 

Cacophony of  yelling sounds 
Money clocks ticking fast 

Reviews and implementation 
Subject starts with a cup of tea (Hausa koko if you like)

Awaken the tussle for the public transport trotro 
Air condition cars, segregated along the stretch 

If looks can kill, all in their private cars 
They will long be dead, uppity sectors of characters 

I was once like that with my private car  
Now I push and shove for the joy of trotro 

Like a born again, more fanatic in the looks 
I give to the private car drivers/ owners 

Hawkers hug the kill zones in between fast lanes 
Lord send angels to protect their vulnerability 

Monday is here again, blues 
Sky and clouds and traffic jam 

1 comment:

  1. smiles...sounds like a monday...smiles...like your grace wished upon the hawkers as well...and hey should our paths ever cross i would love to grab a cuppa and talk poetry...


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