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Friday, 19 April 2013

The Tilapia Saga

Tilapia is nice, yes I have tried it 
Tilapia is very nice, as a delicacy 

Tilapia is nice, when grilled on fire 

Tilapia is nice when roasted fine 

Tilapia is nice when, fried with oil 

Yes I have tried it, bites size chunk to have 

Tilapia is nice when cocked, boiled 

Soft and melty in the mouth as made for 

Tilapia is nice when had with onions 

Tomatoes sliced on top as crunchy decorations  

Tilapia is nice believe me I have tried it 

Patience with time it took to make it 

Tilapia is nice when served with banku 

Always the combination best to go with 

Tilapia is nice, just so nice, I mean so nice 

With blended tomatoes, onion and pepper 

Tilapia is nice to have, so nice to have 

Tilapia is nice, as Ghana's delight 

Best eaten with fingers, as spoon God given 
Gives one the chance to lick the tasty juice off 

Oh how nice the taste of Tilapia 

Such a delicacy to have a king of appetite 

Just that with the pepper and a stomach 

As mine, so sensitive I always end up paying 

A few days later, Number 2 a call as emergency 

But for the love of Tilapia I would always 

Have this pepper hot, just as made 

For it is a combination one can not do without 

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