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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tears through our life time

Tears through our life time 
Tears in a bottle packed 
This is the story of  life told 
A life time of tears, Birth cry 

Sleepless night, expressed emotion, Birth cry 
As birth as new, Birth cry 

Tired eyes, as said baby  rattle, Birth cry 

First tooth Birth cry, Poo, poo Birth cry 
Terrible two, hair torn out, expressed emotion, Birth cry 
Tooth falls out, tooth falls off, fairy tooth lady, Birth cry 
Messy mess all around, crayons on walls, Birth cry 

Birthday presents, Birth cry 
Expressed emotion of what to get, Birth cry 
Report cards, not impressed, Birth cry 
Money asked for, like cash machine, Birth cry 

Frustration being expressed, Birth cry 
Rebellious, piercing, tattoo, Birth cry 
Boyfriends and Girl friends drama, Birth cry 
Dreaded sex education, Birth cry 

Joyful joy, graduation gowns, Birth cry 
Home leaving, worries expressed, Birth cry 
Heavy emotions being expressed, Birth cry 
Married, joyous emotions expressed, Birth cry 

Child birth cries, grandparents, happiness, Birth cry 
Old age, weakened muscles, memory loss, Birth cry 
Limited mobility, dependence on others, Birth cry 
Emotions frustration being expressed, Birth cry 

Nostalgia, a road through memory lane, Birth cry
A few lost friends, then more to the rose cottage, Birth cry
Death bed, last breath, Birth and Death cry 
A bottle full of tears, a life time tears from birth, Birth cry 

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