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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Clouded Sunday

When the other side, other half  
Comes to church on pretense 

A theft in a church, sticky fingers 
On a Sunday, dressed to steal

In a Church, after prayers 
And prayers for giving thanks 

A theft in the church ground 
With "holy his name" prayed for 

A theft in the church 
A theft in the church 

Who steals from a church in fellowship  
Is the forgiveness of God 

To be expected for the kind 
Who wakes the morning  

Washes and dresses up, walks the distance 
Marches to the church grounds 

To steal from another in worship 
A theft in the church 

A clouded Sunday 
Who steals from another in a church 

What becomes of such a sinner 
In the house of the Lord 


  1. Yes, who steals in church indeed! This is the place one would expect one's belongings would be most safe. Well penned and thought-provoking, Kodjo.

  2. a theft in the church... reminds me of Les Miserable when the priest vouches for the thief and alters the course of his life.

  3. At first I thought you were talking about the theft of the spirit by the irreverent. An actual thief stealing chattel! Perhaps both impressions are correct. -or- is this a test of our resolve to forgive all.


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