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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rules in a comedy club

Have you ever come across in play 
A funny angry comedian begrudged 
With a chip on his shoulders, a poet enraged

It is never a good idea as ideas go  
To sit in the firing line in the front row  
In front of a stage before a comedian present 

That is just asking for trouble, believe me 
I have seen many, turn into subjects 
To be discussed on point, for other's laughter 

These are the rules to keep 
If one finds one self 
In a comedy club 

1) No  shiny ball heads in visual view it calls for attention 
2)No average looking man should sit next to a good looker 
3) Calm down on the makeup, no competing on the joker's looks 
4) A long hair extension spells Brazilian do, go figure what comes after 
5) A frown in a comedy club is just asking for it 
6)Do not over laugh it brings attention to you 
7) Do not get up, go out and come back in again.... 
          That only means two things, number 1 or 2 
          and both have enough material to give
8) If you are sitting around a table don't keep asking for more drinks 
9) Don't whisper to a friend next to you, while a set is being performed  
10) Most of all if you are self-conscious or quick tempered avoid the comedy club 

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