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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thatcher, The Iron Lady

Melting ore from the earth
We come raw as resource to be molded 

Cast in shapes to be formed on dreams 
Defined by character, strive to be known

She walked fearless in the lions den
Tested by all that she came to know 

Both friends and foes, with daggers drawn 
To see what matter her heart was made of

She stamped her vision on an institution, stubborn
Made of old guards, conservative in nature

She took on those that walked for hunt
Crawled on the under belly of the earth they did

Hardened by their environment to stand opposed
They brought back dark coal, gold as harvest

She went to war with them and more of men on Falkland battle 
She stood her ground and was crowned a warrior queen

Named the Iron Lady and revered by all
She was as the Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra and Yaa Asantewaa            

To have died and be made an immortal legend
So few from once humble backgrounds in play 

Will rise up this high to the throne of glory  
And become an inspiration for a whole generation 

Maggie, Maggie, oh Maggie 
With Thatcher-ism and hair-do 

May your soul rest in peace, mar-mite 
While we argue on your controversy 

Taking sides, for or against 
May your soul rest in peace, Maggie 


  1. Very controversial figure.
    The debate about her legacy will rage on for a while

  2. she def left her mark...on some a bit more than others...its been interesting to read various perspectives on her in several peoples poems through out the week...will be interesting the further we get from her life how she is truly remembered...

  3. On point... Such controversies surrounded her...

  4. Hey... really great poem and interesting portrayal of Thatcher. Most of what I know comes from her alliances with Reagan. And now, of course, all the airtime she is getting on NPR.


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