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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Shifting Sand Dunes

An elastic stretched too far 
Will loose its elasticity, breaking point 

But then, whats the alternative to give 
Somebody loses out even when all seems settled 

I have seen soft balls without trickery 
Suspend in the air levitating, whats the catch 

And rabbits in Alice's rabbit hole, sticks 
Digging their foot in, with carrot contest 

Is there a colour left to be picked 
When all three choices given have been used  

Do escape clauses still apply 
And against the small print, who wins 

Is the bitter sweet end, better 
Or a sweet bitter end, is there a difference 

I have seen the sand dunes 
Shift too many times to follow suit 

Yet to travel through the Sahara, to make it 
One has to know a few markers, spots 

Do not try to define me 
Such few markers stick like road maps 

I am like the sand dunes, I just realized 
I am still, shifting with the winds, forming 

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