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Monday, 15 April 2013

The Minute Maid Case

A case about the Minute Maid 
On point, at an avenue I rather spare... 

I am not pissed off
Not by a long shot 

Not on protest for spent reward
Not as a subject on interlude, sound bites 

Just that, someone had my 
Minute Maid, my Minute Maid 

Not as given on gestures of a kind 
To a recipient known to me 

For handshakes and face known 
Not like that, as that at all 

Someone took my Minute Maid 
Left me thirsty and out of breath for quench 

Just when I was ready to acquaint myself 
"Lord have mercy", with my Minute Maid 

I was left in shock, struck by perplexity, dumbfounded 
That Mr Sticky fingers, helped himself 

I am not pissed off, no no no 
Not by a long shot, no no no 

Though fumes can be seen 
Emitting from my nostrils, no no no

Not on protest for spent reward 
Not as interlude of disgruntlement  

It is the principle, you see 
It is the principle of the matter 

That matters the most on warrant 
Though for names and venue, it's right I spare 

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha! Yeah, i remember the look on your face when u asked who took it


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