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Friday, 12 April 2013

Starving the grounds that requires

Wishing wells, full to the brim 
Buckets with long strings attached 

Queue of mankind, a stretch this far 
Each with their own needs, needy require 

A bucket full, fetched each time 
A distance walked, to store gifted load 

Habits, as are the greed of mankind 
Always carrying a load too much, for actual need 

Overflowing and to the earth that wants none 
It pours and not to the grounds that requires 

Waste of resource, starving others, none to have
While stocking up aqua, for tomorrows rain 

This is the culture of our civilization 
Where charity is given on pretense of help 

While global trade is kidnapped and held to ransom 
By a few, well to do, asking for more to their name 

To the brim of pouring bucket loads  
On the face of the earth that needs none  

Surpluses, and reservations, stocking up 
With piecemeal, given as handouts to the needy 

In the name of charity, as a helping hand they give 
To say this is help, cooperative charity with noble intentions 

Who took the fetching bucket away from the well 
Who greedily took the fetching bucket home  

Starving the grounds that requires 
Holding humanity to ransom 

Pictures by: http://art-for-a-change.com/blog/

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