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Monday, 4 October 2010

Assertion Stands; who the cup fits

It is not what we say now, last straw 
Words come long after motion, acts, starts 
Actions steps, reactions reaches the ground
And we standing firm, on solid grounds, stands, watch!

So do not look, for words
To establish, our mood of intent 
Just, concentrate on our inroads to see
Where sights are set on, do rest on..

Rest is, in choices made, 
It is with family pride, the hunger 
A legacy of the blood line 
Like with salmon's season swim, up stream

That be, that being said, sets the tone 
For what actions we take 
Like salsa music to the dance by a Cuban 
Foxtrot, and tango in Latino dance 

This is our assertion stand, watch 
And it is chest out, vim up..
This is our, commitment pledge 
Our dream line, our legacy, destiny

Destiny passed and on our offspring's, 
To look and learn to be inspired 
And carry the batons in seasons 

On turn times, its your turn now
This is the cup that fits, 
And we wear them well, with pride..

Assertions stands, 
And we are on assertions stands  
Who the cup fits 

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