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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tear Drops

There ain't enough tears, 
On pass around, in turn, my turn 
For what there is to cry for, 

So why cry, 
Oh young ones and old  
Why shed tears 

Yet there are plenty of laughs, 
In plentiful, laughs 
An abundance of laughters 

So why not enough moments; 
 Of, joy and jokes, 
To share 

"Funny you are", 
to laugh out loud

Oh well, so we comfort tragedy 
With laughters in humour, 
Laughing out loud

Smiles and grin, 
We carry on camping, 
Under the sun

A mile stone
Marking it down, 
In life lessons learnt 

Save our tears, on rainy days
To be served, on banquets
For the deepest of blue

Or be it joy,  
Laughing with tears, 
And afters, and afters
And there after..

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