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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Words Said

All because, of words said
Its all because, of words said
Emotions felt, on words said

Act set, on moves made
Down to the, beats played
And on thus, on words said

All, all on words said
Mime, rhyme, with words said
Said words, in case made

If days turn, into night stands
All because of words said
And nights named and days named

All because of words
Words, words, words said
Like said words

Ready steady, go be the word said
Actions, follows in movement made
Stop signs on, traffic light 

Said word, run, run, run around
Sing, dance , love, hate
On words said 

And we running out now
Of words to say, in  said word
So bye, bye now, as on, words said..


  1. Rich words.. well written.. :D

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