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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

As Cold As A News Cold

So I had, a cold news
One of those things
One of those days
Those days, one of those days

Thrown in, into the machinery
Sent down, to be an obstruction
A clog in t' wheels, go round
That turns in spin to a halt

Round and round and round
So I had a cold news, clouded
Tender hearts, filled with tears
So shown, on believers emblem DARK

One of those days
It is just one of those days
Few words if any, to be said in mention
Act of posture, sat deep in thought

One of those things, contemplation
Any in numbers, to have witnessed
Tear drops, WEIGHTS in physical forms
One of those days

One of those days, days
One of those: not so accustomed
In acceptance, as a state 
But seasoned, none the less to deal with

It is just, one of those days..
Another one, to count ..
And a smile with a shrub do follow
Just one of those days


  1. Such an element of sadness to your poem. It is very nice.

  2. Sad piece, but powerful. It really speaks--strong voice, with its own, easy flow. Quite enjoyable--fine work!

  3. Thanks for the invite! It's a lovely blog! :)

  4. PS I placed your blog on my list for others to enjoy! hope you're fine with that! If not, be sure to let me know!


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