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Friday, 15 October 2010

Tapestry Explained. Free Verse

Threads, swing, swang in zig zag of tapestry 
Views set out, butterflies, in pictures painting
But not with ink, paint, print on; off on spills

Pins and needless, weaves on cloths
Step by step, as background formation
Set like poetry, with words of objects, positioned 

Some say random, set in abstract 
Till a step back, sight views, of back mirrors
Of what it is, in bigger pictures, shown

On the flip side, 
Of what thread marks, skid marks
Lay hidden, dodged away from view 

On art works, of tapestry 
Stands the netegrity of life, in life stories 
Staged in clandestine, set  hanged from view 

But who ever looks; why do you look 
At the back side of tapestry 
Sets sights eyes, on alternate universe 

Hence the phrase in words; 
Swept under the carpet, in Pandora's box, locked
The phrase is,  as, to, know it all,  is with troubles

Still in views, beauty of the tapestry
And it is by choice made, thus, by one's prerogative flip 
To have set sight on, what lies behind, closed doors

Truly I say, surely indeed
Life truly can just be, just like tapestry
And Class closed, for that is  all
In tapestry explained in full 


  1. Love the weaving of words, creating wonderful layers of cloth.

  2. nice...i am a sucker for looking at the back...guess i just like all the perspectives, even the chaos...and the up close and then step back allows the eye to take it all in...

  3. An indictment to choose to see what is obscured, behind the veil, to the truth which often lies hidden.

  4. hey - your style is really intersting, i fell for every word - you attack the prompt with verve and colour - your shapes are great and im so pleased i visited and looking forward to grazing your back cataloge.



  5. This is so good, Kodjo. I'm glad that you chose tapestry as an approach to the prompt of texture. I learned in reviewing the other poems and comments that texture comes from the latin texere, to weave. And I guess textile does too. So this is perfect. Thanks for sharing with us at dVerse.


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