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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Burning Desire

Amnesia of the pain,
Comes at the aftermath 
Of the walks in deserts 

And I am tongue tied, 
Like the silence felt 
In spilt seconds before impact 

The forest woods 
Are thick with hedges, 
Scratch marks, lay siege on flesh

Edged on, road's paths
By that burning desire 
An antidote to the pain felt

The fields lie in wait, of pasturers 
Past, the obstacle course drawn
Destiny lies in different strokes...

And this is my burning desire
My saviour parie 
My burning desire 


  1. And I am tongue tied,
    Like the silence felt
    In spilt seconds before impact - love that verse

  2. A rich exploration of experience. Memorable. - bill

  3. I love the idea of the burning desire cancelling pain - I like that so much!

    There was a softness in this that I really enjoyed.

  4. vivid imagery.

    smart sentiments...



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