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Saturday, 9 October 2010

The 3 Strike Rule.

Rule 1
Hearts Shown:
Wanting more, in bargain chips
Nothing more, in returned offers
Sat on tables,  stands on fury phantom. 

Stamping foot, with no array 
Like chi wa wa's bark on rottweiler 
Watch it boy! don't push too far.. 

Said in caution, given to the who
The who, the spot light drawn on, fixed 
Like the three strikes rule and sir you out. 

Rule 2
Side Turned:
Next; next in line to test rough waters
On off days, so it thus seem calmer than usual 
Fooled to think,  he is made to surf the highest waves

Waving out, bye, bye; help! 
SOS on sinking mood, liquid platforms
Help, help, I am drawning here

And the water stands not waist deep
With solid platforms 
No not until one reach the bottom's depth.

Help, help, he shouts
You fool; await in time precious
Rescue boats 

Rule 3
Back Turned :
I am still game, for a three strike rule
Move; Life it is, thus comes in three stages
For the last phantom

Just comes before the hour glass drained
Arrogance in announce 
Pomposity, he shows in swagger

Soon to be known, to thee 
What cards held, so close to the chest.
Make my day boy!  make your move

Fire away like the fool with matchsticks
Stood switch and lighted, in a pool of inflammable
And the rest is, to be seen as 

Well, who be, be you, who it be 
The reader, to add the last lines 
Before fool stops, and the rest is


  1. Thanks for linking up - great poem. Shah.X

  2. Awesome poem Kodjo, there's a lot of symbolism throughout this. Life does come in three stages and is also three dimensional, but after the third strike we discover what our triune maker thinks. Well done!


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