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Friday, 29 October 2010

Free Verse, Lifeless

If life is for the lifeless, 
Count me out, 
On count down

Am no puppet, muppet 
On hooked strings, 
Dull like, lifeless 

I am lighter 
In light feathers, 
Gliding down on earth zone

I bleed blood red
Breathe air
Touch, feel, emotions

Turn me on, on spot light, 
Switch me on, to glow beam
Like different shades, in sparkles, glitter 

Stage light,
Lighting strike, 
Electric shock, on shock waves

Now you getting me all jumpy
Am, life vim, look 
Riding high on spectacles 

If life is for the lifeless, 
Count me out ..
Am all life, its all good, and groovy 

1 comment:

  1. Important note: from now on, I'll always visit your blog because I have plenty of time :)

    Lovers' Shore



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