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Friday, 8 October 2010

Castles On Face Smiles

I built Castles, with my bare hands
Clock,  ticking, tocking, talking, 
Clock, clock, tic, toc, bird out

My brain moves, as worker ants do
Generating essence, serge in vigour 
Filling I with ambitious strive 

Eyes sees what I aspire
Legs walk the distance marked
Crossing zig zag of obstacle lanes

Destiny gives I, no affirmation stand
Of the promise land
No silver spoons, no jail free passes

A parallel world of choices
Like the chess game I play
Wrong moves and burnt marks
The shepherd’s dog to guide me

With chest out, I summon phoenix
Me Castle sits in me arms
That’s with the smile on, me face
When you ask, what is with the smile on my face

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