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Thursday, 21 October 2010

My pictures that hangs

Defining my phantom 
Pictures hold, 
Such beauty of utopia
Distance stands, as safe guard grounds protected

Devoured from reality, phantom 
Escapism is our treasured delight 
Fantasy in our spare time, indulged in-between gaps ..

Illusion are set, as our getaway passes  
Paradise reflects, wanting in context 
The rich, the poor, all of needs, put in context 

Paradigm of life 
Bubbles that burst, floods our reality
Dreams are set, in sleep mood 
To recoil day strive, for nourishment

When things fall apart  
Love unfold unloved, rage destroys     
Stars  and the Moon, falls off the sky, unleashed  

Day dream, and night dreams
Entangled in nightmare  
Craziness unending, like day of the night 

While painted oceans on canvas 
Floods carpets, 
In down pour, like a horror movie  

As balance of weight   
Tilts, wobbling on sides  
Juggling, all to set off balance in life 

This is my dream, my patch
My Phantom 
My escapism   

This is my indulgence  
Hustling, striving, seagull's with uplift 
To keep things in accordance 

Pictures that hangs, set
On equilibrium fastened
On my wall, to stay as placed 

No funny business around here  
Messing with  my comfort, my friend
Put away abstract and surrealism 
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  1. Some nice ideas in this unleashed poem.

  2. love this.
    your talent soars.

  3. Indeed, "Escapism is our treasured delight." This is a wonderful poem. :)

  4. this is a wonderful write. love love it.


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