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Monday, 18 October 2010

Sight Set "I see u baby!"

I set my sight high, 
So I need to grow, bigger wings,
Larger span, so I can fly high

Weights weighted on wing span, 
Meaning, I need to grow, more muscles,
My muscles, to up lift, on take off

Take that , run, run, run way,
 Flap, flap, now I am flabbergasted 
On areal views, sights

Clearly seen, on over elevated plans, planes
Ovation, in stands, like graduates in robes,
Suits for interviews, stripes on CV

Resulting in attainment, 
Achievement gained,
Recognised set, in class stands 

 I am growing muscles, now
Like buffed man,
Super man

Buffed man, in gym class, 
I see you baby,
              Checking my guns, 
                               Checking my style,
                                          Watching my wings,
                                                          I see you baby!...lol

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