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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Paint Balling "Free Verse is a crime"

Fire a little tittle tattle...
On the bow and arrow's shot..
Good  shot for the blood stream..
In pressure,standing mounts..

And my doc says,
This and that to me, 
In speeches made, 
Read out loud to the masses, heard out loud..

Ma pressure points, levels 
Your pressure is down,  ..
And your valves lay empty; of steam..

You need to get your pressure up..
Get your, get your pressure up..
In up stages

Said I'm not of the running kind..
Sports never really my forte..
Pick a fight, pick a fight..
I know,  pick a fight..

Nothing gives,..
Such adrenaline rush..
Like a fight in battles whiska, 
Lets go.. Pick a fight, 
 fight                                             fight..

But for the law and rules.. 
To be adhered to, 
Break them not, or be prosecuted 

Other options, 
In measures, strategies..
To be looked at..

Paint balling,.. 
I know paint balling..
Oh, what a rush it gives,..
Feel adrenaline gust,
Past in explosion ..

And I just got hit
I've been shot, paw!
Paint, splatter, ratter
ta ta ta ta ta. 

Paint balling,
 I love paint balling

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