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Friday, 1 October 2010

What Is Ska

Ska, ska, ska,
Like a stone dropped  
On birds gather, together 
Scattering flights, of the fearful fright
Felt as chill on instinct run

On a buzz word, ska, dra 
Scabby, scobby, snoopy! 
And you know, you have to run 
On scot, dobby, dabby, doo..

Then came, a name,
A place in mind
Some where in land 
In the Queen's land set 

Who invented words in English  
 And brought a thousands more
In language used adopted from others 
To be, as spoken, in words said, writing 

Some so confusing, perplexing  
Cometh here-forth, on prerogative  
The big ones, in said words, used 
Scholars and pretentious, favoured rhyme

I like words, set in tunes
It just rings, in synchronised bells 
Like dominoes fall, holding hands 
On processions, off my tongue
                                                       Best on poetry rhyme

Not with names, with names
Sometimes forgetful, some names
I get so, very, very confused wrong  
In mix up, fix up, shipshape

Jig saw puzzle, puzzling me
To have found myself 
In the dog's house comfort
A few times sat, for slip of tongue..

On goes, the battle of reference made 
Who as thus, invented the three letter word..
On an Island jam, Jamaican clam 
Jamaica, Jamaica here in Jamaica 

#Ska, ska, ska,
And what it is, 
In meaning held,
Do tell, oh brother, do tell 

#Ska ska ska
While pondered minds 
Wonder around  for enlightenment 
Bless me here with knowledge known  

#Ska , ska, ska,
I will go on playing, my trumpet jazz
In search another for words ryhme  
Ska, in words, to be used

#Ska, ska, ska,
That rhymes on tongue twist
And starts  dance moves,
Ska, for dance on dance floors..

#Ska, ska, ska,
#pa da, ba da, pa da, ba da, 
#pan,  pan, pam, pam
#taaa, ta, taaa, daaa, da, daaaa, 
#rada, bum, bum ...
#Ska  ska ska..
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  1. I love when you do music related poetry. I feel the energy and rhythm as I read.

  2. ha. you end this stong...i like it whn you start letting if flow about halfway through...

  3. Intense..rhythmic..creative and i liked it..:)

  4. I used to listen to ska a lot in college and after. This brought back good memories.

  5. nice glad you put this one in one shot...

  6. I like words set in tune too. You don't know how many songs I have written to memorize something
    need to try the moves too.

    Thanks so for sharing with One Shot

    moon smiles

  7. Great feeling of searching through music, a journey through musical lines. Really cool poem, Kodjo!

  8. Thanks for making a wonderful statement through music and in the process creating an interesting verse... Liked it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  9. That's the skat, man!

    Cool One Shot!

  10. Very rhythmic look at word usage and differences. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  11. Great One! I definitely feel words and rhythm following each other, in motion and music...

  12. I feel the need to listen to The Specials. You've done a justice to this fun, brief-moment-in-popular-time genre. :)

  13. The words are the music, and the rhythm is the dance. Nice one.

  14. hi kodjo...ska....i am in my 40's and english...dance craze the movie..do you remember...love ska..an earthquke is erupting!!!! cheers for this..pete

  15. Thank you guys for the love shown, I always look forward to the comments, like exams anticipation of marks and As are always good to have


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