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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mind Matters, Mind the gap

The mind, is a dangerous thing 
Things fall apart, as curb-webs invade muscles 
While legends deny themselves, their rightful place 

None but our selves can free our minds
Fears that imprison the lightness of our thoughts
Fearful of reaction, crippled into inaction 

Stack in a constant vegetative state, frustrated  
Denying transformation, caterpillars without wings 
And butterflies await their turn, glorious tag impatience 

Held back, like sunshine that awaits the clouds passing 
Be quick, sudoku, be quick already, I say 
Tic, toc, step up, match on, 1,2, 1,2, 1,2 

Pictures in images, visualise success 
Like knowing summer is six months away 
In hibiscus, from winter's December

Joy is, as it is, in the hands of the persona 
Battles do provide testimony 
And life is a passage of time and effort 

What's left, in left overs, on said matters
Mind matters, 
                                Mind the gap 


  1. I like the Mind Matters, Mind the gap. I like the line 'summer is six months away.... from Winters December'.. I need to remember that in December.

  2. well put,
    mind, joy, they do matter...

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    Thanks a lot.

  4. Really it is mind over matter and unfortunately in most cases it is ."we don't mind cos you don't matter"

    Sad really!


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