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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Am I Radical

I am not radical, as a man 
Half the time, I turn a blind eye
Too far fetch, on box set  

I read books seen through 
I like them and I get carried away
To worlds away

Politics is a bore
Indulgence, by the overzealous  
I am not into politics 

As a poet, 
Maybe just border line
I can't help myself

My thoughts run wild 
With notion of rational
To my finger tips, where 

Key pad, click, click, tap dance, 
Next to my knowledge, the story line drawn, 
And to the reader myself as one, to take in notions

To have been, thought provoked
In what I read, in my own words
In what I think, in analysis

I am not, radical as a man 
But am afraid, in confessions 
My subconsciousness   

Bares the label 
And calls freethinking
His own, to thought provoke

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  1. wow, brilliant...

    powerful imagery.

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    Welcome attending poets rally week 33, link in a poem, visit 18 poets, done,
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    Happy Friday!
    Thanks in advance for the attention!


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