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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dear Deirdre (Agony Aunt) (PG)

Dear Deirdre,
I am in the dog house, 
You know!

You see,
Story is, story told in summary,
To the author, the hero to be made of

I mean it is only fair,
To have painted one's self so squeaky clean,
On stories told.

Yet, to still have ended up
In the dog house,
Woof, woof

Woof,  woof
You occupying space,
My space, my comfort zone,

This thus,
Me hear the dog mumbling,
Not so loud , though

For I am still the one, who buys the bones
And takes thee, for his walk, on parks
Woof, woof; you barking mad, mate

Today, me old friend, buddy
Your su ca sa is me su ca sa,
Coz I have been relegated to the dog house.

You see the Mrs
Is not a happy bunny these days,
Something to do with, I broke a promise

So the dog house, it is then,
Sorries would have to wait
For  blowing off steams, to settle down

Before adding
Spices of acceptance
Of sorry's flow, that flavor, what follows.

"Oh babes,
am sorry, come here,
kiss, kiss, love you,
miss you, hug hugs,

And then the do's,
The thus, the hmm, haa, in meaning 
The make up, in acts that follows.

Now though,
I am to be, with man's best friend, in shelters shared
Barking mad, in woof woof synchrony,

Don't get use to it, buddy
Being the boss, and all
Calling the shots, woof, woof, and all

I hope to be back
In the main house, in rabbit's comfort

To Dear Deirdre, 
So dear Deirdre, Agony aunt
What, be your advise 

To quick-in my passage back
To lovers den..
Dear, Deirdre, help! 
Dear Deirdre..

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