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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Casting The Dice (Aftermath of Thanks Giving)

I can make a thousand people happy
But only a hundred rich, with baskets full 
While I cast seeds scorned and dried out 
To foster and germinate riches from harvest

It turns into cry for the masses
For a dollar for a thousand  
Is a 1000 in dollars for one in rolex and some 

And desperation need not want not 
Carries a greater weight in return 
Of appreciation and recognition 

They say, the poor man 
In the sun is richly happier 
Than the rich man in winter 

He learns to only want 
What he needs, and craves, none 
"and winter is cold to the bone without warmth"
Not what is beyond his need, his cup

Appreciates the gravity 
Of what earth stage he stands on 
Relativity is the golden rule

Pareto says, no party can be better off 
Without making another 
Worse off by the same amount 

And the rich is with greed, and more
For he has acquired the taste for it 
And the poor is with need, for just his feed

I can make a thousand people happy
But only a hundred rich
Who then values, what gift I offer more
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  1. wow - cool take on the prompt - i loved the...They say the poor man
    In the sun is richly happier
    Than the rich man in winter..

  2. "And desperation need not want / Carries a greater weight / Of appreciation and recognition" Deep poem. A wise and moving statement.

  3. Thought provoking words, nicely expressed.


  4. It's about a choice each of us must make. And we do make it, whether consciously or not. Good one, sir.

  5. Excellent contrasts and pulling in of stories and quotes to reinforce your point, like telling a parable. I couldn't agree with you more, either.

  6. I like how you took this to a deeper level--to challenging motives of the heart. Great poem. Blessings.

  7. Deep thoughts shared here. Nice.

  8. I love your thoughts in this
    there is some irony - "the poor are richer"
    tell them that when they are starving

    I guess the rich pay to have character the poor need it to survive

    Thanks so for sharing with One Shoot

    Moonie smiles

  9. I like all of this -- and the two poems after it too!

    And desperation need not want -- wow!

    Great take. Deep poetry. Deeper thinking.

  10. today, i value the gift that you offered.

  11. this is so funny... i immediately remembered the pic..one shoot sunday..loved it.. and then i copied these words cause i love them so much...
    They say the poor man
    In the sun is richly happier
    Than the rich man in winter.. and see it were exactly the same that i loved months back..

  12. how did i miss this before...hmmm....really like those lines on the poor man in the sun and the rich man in the winter...a nice riddle like quality to it...

  13. i love "That" line or in otherwords, I concur with Brian and Claudia

  14. timely comments that make me think again.

  15. I remember this prompt as well and I must say that to have these questions is evidence of whole life...nice.


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