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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Suu Kyi's Burma

Shackles, I have fought, many a time 
The belly of the beast, draped in uniform, Well ironed, many a time I have fought 

They seek and demand 
To be called by honour 
Yes your honour

'Salute and respect, the badge I wear
Yes your number, your gun, your threat 
Sorry your honour, your Junta

So your honour ; Junta
Why am I to sit, in house arrest 
Like a caged bird, arm's length 

While the peaceful monk
Do protest, in defiant 
Yes your honour, your general, your Junta

When you swore to protect the people of Burma oh Burma 
Who's badges you wear, for your honour 
Junta numbers lined in queues of generals 

Sorry your honour,
To have ever questioned 
Your integrity, Junta to salute 

Another one, on vote counts
I guess now, close to unchained shackles 
I can step foot out, among my people 

To serve my people, the Mother land
With your permission of-course, Junta
With your eagle eyes, paranoia a' weary ears

With your permission, your honour, of course
To fight against your oppression
Yes your honour, with your permission 

If only to say 
Yes your honour, to Junta 
But how could I, yes your honour, Junta

I  will I promise say words, 
Which may end me, locked up in birds cage 
For that is the price of freedom

While my people protest on Tuesdays 
If this is our destiny to protest 
Gladly we shall 

No your Junta, your honour 
The cage can't hold my wings
I am Suu Kyi, of Burma
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  1. Enjoy your writing...it has a message of what to many take for granted....freedom...and freedom of speech...I know I do living in the U.S....I have read of this brave woman...what we forget in the world that even if there is peace in our backyard...there is always a war somewhere be fought....thank you for sharing and visiting...bkm

  2. I agree with BKM, we take for granted what we are born into. So many countries where their people are fighting to have the same rights and be treated as equals. We need to be more thankful of what we have.

  3. Kodjo,
    A very admirable and powerful piece of writing.
    The message is quite clear...

    Best wishes,

  4. Thanks for posting this and alerting me that there is a book out about this brave woman. I will track it down for certain. Right now am reading Even Silence Has An End, Ingrid Bettancourt's story of captivity in the Amazon jungle........these two women would have a lot to talk about if they met. Your poem is powerful and reminds us what so many people have to go through in so many countries in this old world. So well done!

  5. sweet words...
    well expressed emotions and passions.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Not many poems in Bogland are as serious and forceful in their messages...

  7. Clear writing that highlights a woman of true courage. Nice.

  8. You write well...with passion...You handled the prompt differently..

  9. So powerfully and emotionally written!

  10. A compelling homage to Suu Kyi.

    Good wishes.

  11. very strong poem.. great writing!

  12. may freedoms voice ring man...nice writ on her plight and what it means to all of us...

  13. She is one of my real life heroine... I even cried when her husband died and she couldn't leave her country.

    Nice share ~

  14. ..this piece is something to read on again and again for it brings a deep message and wisdom we should all take and be inspired.. amazing woman.. amazing write. thank you for the poem.(:


  15. So soon I will be back to, being a caged bird
    While my people protest on Tuesdays
    No your Junta, the cage can't hold my wings
    I am Suu Kyi, of Burma

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  16. she is a powerful figure. Your poem was awesome.


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