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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Promises Made

#Just be good to me,
#Is all I'm saying

On ocean waves,
I arrive, barefoot, on ocean's blue
Beach sand in between, my toe

Romance, of the landscape
Built on anticipation, 
Nothing but paradise 

On thoughts that coil 
Around my dreams. 
This is to be, my happy ever afters

Smiles from tender face
That looks back, on starring reflection  
Stood like the mahogany of love me

Love, strength and care
Positioned like the awaited legacy
Proclaims, this in joy

#You are in my world now
#Oh my precious 
# You are in my realm now

Welcome to my shore line, 
Allow me to guide you 
Through the in roads, of this Island

Let me build you a hut, 
To lay your head rest
For the sunset hibernation,

Let me hunt your food, 
For breakfast, served
With fruits of my harvestation

She looks back with smiles, 
A stroke on starring face, in reflection
And she says, 

#Just be good to me
 #oh my darling,
 #Just be good to me
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  1. This is beautiful Kodjo, I have always been a fan of your writing! Kristine

  2. I love your poems. It is very touching!

  3. Yes, if you treat her like the lady she is, she will never disappoint. Nice piece, Kodjo!

  4. Love how it begins and ends with "just be good to me" - how to make the whole world better!!!

  5. My favorite stanza...
    #You are in my world now
    #Oh my precious
    # You are in my realm now


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