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Friday, 5 November 2010

Treading Needles

You know I told you so, 
And so, strings, ropes and connections
Putting a tread in precision's spots

Through the eye of the needle's dot, 
Held in the hands of being human, 
Man, woman; patience me dear

Always requires, 
A few goes at go. 
#You know I told you, so

Once in, in touch, hooked and tied
 A stitch will always save nine, 
Nine before ten tons, when done in time. 

This Thus, lessons learnt,
In life's context, 
From the doing in act

The living in life, 
The stumbling, in ways
#You know I told you so, and so

A few misses, misspell, 
Before bonsai 
Is the order of the day, 

You know I told you so
It is just life stories,
And so and so and so 

Printed down, 
In the rules of life's book
Set out, stamped out, in abstract setting 

You know, eventually, 
The needle would be found, in the hay's stack 
Even after all the suffering 

By the man, who went back, 
A 1000 times, to look in search
# You know, I told you so, and so..


  1. Clever! I love all the wisdom and sayings you added~

  2. Love that second stanza Kodjo.....a lot to take in with this poem.....wonderful writing! :-)


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