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Friday, 19 November 2010

A New Star

On reflection,
Letters from the stars, 
Met a soothsayer yesterday 
Three, like the three wise men

Crystal balls are hard,
To come by these days, 
So they made due, 
In makeshift, crush course 

With the palms that, 
I man came with. 
Like joke, like play, like joke 
To cast shadows, dark on my blessing

On the eve, of a new star to be born, 
Pondering minds, left on time clock worry 
On count down, tic toc, tic toc, 
To my new birth awaiting 

How can thee start with doubt, 
Fear and worry, trepidation 
Be locked on descend 
Even before ascension

Nah, this was not the script written 
Someone went and got tempered with
Then to the third, came unannounced 
With calmness and assertion  

A complete stranger 
On first sight seen. 
To have come from no where.
Set stalls and called out, where thou at

Set alight a sparkling star,
"Your lines, are strong, strong and bright "
Vanquished darkened clouds, tales in between their legs 
With affirmation, just in the nick of time. 

Then came confirmation, 
A letter from the womb 
That made me so...
To have read, on the dot of birth

'How many years now, 
When on a cold Monday afternoon, 
A seed was planted, an angel set stood on guard,
You are a winner, born with wisdom'

And so a new light is born, 
While the old die out 
With the shadows that threatened 
On the eleventh hour before birth

Yes, a new light is born 
Planted in thee, this is my life
I am the light, the path, the story
Destiny is mine, for me, myself and I
And I shall rule my destiny 

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