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Monday, 1 November 2010

Man, Mad, Mud, Chaos, Sculpture in Abstract

Life is mad, chaos and abstract 
Man be man, made from mud 
Dirt like mud, blurred like mad 

And to each, his own to mold  
What with choices made by hand 
Of those to pick left or right, to have 

And to each, each to each 
What shape pictured in visions set 
To have imagined, in dreams had

To be left to dry out; clay from mold 
And  be presented as done, a form of sculpture 
And to each, in galleries stood 

Dry and baked in mold of clay 
And be served as done, as done 
And to each, what comfort desire

 Dry baked and glazed, in clay 
And be served as done, as done 
And to each, what dreams aspire 

To have ended, with a pot 
Vase or China plates, in mold of clay 
Or be it sculpture, to stand on platforms 

Life is mad, sat in multiple choices 
Chaos and abstract, with links 
Blank the sight in crystal balls to know before   

And to each, from three doors given 
What route paths chosen to know 
Life is mad, chaos and abstract, just as mad  

1 comment:

  1. Yes, a plethora of choices, and which door, when all are unknown? Good one, Kodjo!


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