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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Run Around Circles

I run circles, on run away, escape before tornado
I dive down into the bosoms of rivers 
To be baptised on rebirth, this birth, labour

This pain is hard felt  
This mind, on run, overrun, running shoes
Thoughts besiege on overload 

Over clouds of grey in nightmare, migraine 
As migraine set sit comfort 
To discomfort my thinking, in thoughts 

I can't see the light 
It pierces through my lens, with alien's prodding 
And finds its way, in rays into my skull's behind

I can't see the rain; 
Thunders bark, frightens my eyes to shut 
It is like weather's felt on chilled senses of skin, cold

But this is emotional; the blues, turn pages, chapters
Climax of the summer in breeze, leaves that fall
Of the dying decade, funerals for lost friends, lost souls

It is fair-well to this chapter, 
And nostalgia demands his minutes in silence 
And I feel the pain of letting go

So many memories, in stock take 
Names list and memories that fades 
To make way, for what comes after, the afters

Old ghost faces, fair well 
And don't look back, we done with that,
New moons, birthing in the horizon

I promise I would do the same, 
Just keep walking, through time passage
Not looking back; in circles, to recycle 

This far gone, this is fair well..
Fair well to this decade 
In afters, after the 90s

To old friends lost
This is fair well 
Rest in peace, to the one's gone..


  1. It's runnin circles into pain, into loss, unable to see the rain (that washes and cleanses), only the "ghost faces" ahead. Nice one.

  2. i enjoyed hearing and seeing you reading this..my fav line was..But this is emotional; the blues, turn pages, chapters..
    your poem for sure has a bluesy feeling

  3. Wonderful cadence to this. Great images and deep emotion. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Powerful. I can imagine these to be the final thoughts of life before dying. Well done.

  5. Took me a couple of lines to get into the reading, but when that happened I was enjoying your flow a great deal. Powerful, especially the build up to the ending. Nice work, Kodjo!

  6. keep walking forward, don't look back...we done with that


  7. Great tribute to old friends, I enjoyed reading it and the last lines were perfect, Kodjo. Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  8. powerful imagery here... nice write.

  9. this was a great read...really grabs you in parts..and the sentiment it portrays is spot on..cheers pete

  10. love the rhythm and flow to this...and the snetiment to time gone by...and firends...nice one shot!

  11. promise I would do the same,
    Just keep walking, through time passage
    Not looking back; in circles,

    truly spoken... the circles we walk everyday... and a fairwell...
    nice poem

  12. Lovely, haunting and resonating poem.

    Love the rhythm which keeps it flowing.

    Lady Nyo

  13. Wonderful One Shot!

    There is so much depth to your poem...from the imagery to the ryhthm!

    Thank you
    Lovely annie

  14. Good use of repetitive emotion/structure, etc. Good work.

  15. I enjoyed listening to you read the poem. It really added to the emotion and feel of your words.

  16. exciting words.
    well delivered.
    Thanks for linking.

  17. You have a really cool accent I greatly enjoyed listening to your poem. Stunning I loved it so full of depth

    "It is fair-well to this chapter,
    And nostalgia demands his minutes in silence
    And I feel the pain of letting go" I adore this stanza

  18. "And nostalgia demands his minutes in silence..."

    LOVED this line.

    Very nicely done!


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