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Monday, 15 November 2010

Some Times

You know; sometimes 
When the bell goes, 
Ding dong, ringer din din din din
Change place, change positions, 
Change the damn script

The movie man; here watch him
Caught napping, snoozing 
Left flips of end tapes running 
On projections. 

You know, some times, 
Enough said, put a suck in it, 
Or clot to stop bleed, 
For crying out loud, 
Be done with it already 

You know sometimes 
Even the fish,
Has enough of the sea, 
And its salty taste, 
Ever seen a flying fish before

And the sea bird, that got wet 
From splashing out on waters
To catch fish, just says
Fuck it, am going home

Just some times
I am just saying 
Just some times...
Ringer din din din din don 

May be I should  
Change clothes in rolls played
And become a poet 


  1. This is super cute, Thanks for sharing.

  2. our potluck is open now,
    welcome in,
    when you share, you encourage others to share as well,

    this one is a masterpiece of yours.


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