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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Carnival Prayers

I want to write a poem of words 
That start with a notion 
Inscribed on emotion

Pen my ink, with fantasy, day dream 
Set my imagination on wishful thinking
Buy a book, write a book, of dairy pages

Plan a plan of scope to see forth 
Build my self a prince's castle, 
On top of canyon mountain stands

Place a beautiful princess inside 
To be my queen, my all, my other half 
To fill the canyon's holes, left wide gapped

I want to write a poem of words
Set it out, in hope, in wish, like a prayer 
To have my dreams come true to light

While I stand on high, on joy 
Over wishful stands on canyons lands, 
Where dreams are made to fill this gap 

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  1. That's what that photo is like - a prayer. Nice one, sir.

  2. Very nice poem, indeed... I would say you were successful in this, writing it 'in hope, in wish, like a prayer'.

  3. "I want to write a poem of words
    Set it out, in hope, in wish, like a prayer
    To have my dreams come true to light"

    Lovely sentiments - unique build off of the photo. Such fantastical yet simple longing, with such an image as the backdrop...

  4. Fantastic poem that reminds me of both writing and spirituality. Great work. Creative use of the prompt as well. Cheers

  5. Very good poem. You've personalized the metaphor beautifully.

  6. I am loving all the different takes on this prompt, this week. Your poem is lovely. I hope all your dreams come true.

  7. Romantic and personal, but light and positive, full of the feeling of that open blue sky in the photo. Liked it very much.

  8. love it, a prayer in a poem... even just looking at this panoramic is like a prayer - a breath of fresh air providing space for new potentials to come in

  9. Breathtaking beauty here.

  10. so lovely ~ full of positive ~ and those castles ~ would I be a Princess in one such scene ~
    ~ Lib ~

  11. Its so beautiful it brings tears to the eyes..your princess is one lucky woman

  12. your poem speaks directly to the heart :)

    keep dreaming :)

    thanks for visiting my place

    cheers from Uruguay :)


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