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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

In The Know

No man was born with know
No man died, crossed over
To the other side, as master
No man did as slave

And I came to know
To love and bare witness
To call as my own
To live with and appreciate its glow

No man, was born with know; listen
To love and to hold
To commit whole heartedly
To open up, with honesty

No man, gained in wholesum
While stood a feet out from wash
No man felt love, real love
Without appreciating love's burn 

While feet hangs in paddle, 
Dangling indulgence of  what 
Water gives in comfort 
Scared to get in for fear of drown 

Non ever so enjoyed, 
Really enjoyed like the feel 
In dive down deep, naked 
In rivers for a dip  

No man lived and knew love
While sat commiting half baked
No man did know joy
While holding back to misery 

While holding back to fear 
And fantasy no man got gained 
While holding back to emotion 
Like stone motionless, for just in case
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1 comment:

  1. True words; must give in order to get.


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