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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Brown Eye Girl

Shine, sparkle, twinkle, your eyes
Oh what eyes you have, so lovely 
White on background, to adore 
Brown/blue/green eyes, dark in pupil
Reflection of beauty, it holds in powers

Oh what lovely eyes you have
Prowess, enchanting inviting 
I am enchanted drawn in
By it's seduction, just perplexed  

Made humble, engrossed 
To sit and stare, gaze in admiration 
And stare I do stare, consumed 

God give me all day and I am staring 
Mystery it holds to find understanding 
Discovery of, like door ways to infinite joy

I see the making, of your heart 
Through your eyes, shining bright
Then t' sparkle, twinkle on diamonds shimmer 

Like the sun, just went and cast a preview
To what it holds, I am yearning 
I will take my huts off for you my lovely you 

Oh what smile you have to bare with 
Your eyes do smile and I just have to smile back 
They do, they do just humble me

To enchant me, 
Keep me forever in your spell
A happy captive,  forever I will be
To you my brown eye girl 


  1. eyes do say so much - don't they..?

  2. An enchanting poem of enchantment :)

  3. The eyes are the key to the soul. Thank you for sharing.

  4. eyes do many wonders.

    awesome job.

  5. so much said just by looking one in the eyes...

  6. Oh my God Kodjo..u r deeply romantic. She is one lucky gal.

  7. Gives the sense of complete infatuation/captivation.

  8. Eyes and smiles - they make such a difference when communicating.

  9. The eyes, they really are enchanting!

    Nicely done!

  10. The eyes definitely have it.


  11. Cast a spell indeed...beautiful write...

  12. Wow mate, all you need is love, eh!


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