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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Behind Closed Doors

Early birds get the best spots, it is said...
To nest and have their young ones' ..
Safe, fed and protected..

Life is a run on  principles ..
Of early birds, chess games..
And survival of the fittest, wisest..

But as all things on earth ..
Are in a permanent state of movement change..
And nothing stays forever the same..

All depending on outside factors, influence..
Quantum, which is not always known..
To be protected against..

Sometimes, just sometimes..
Even t' early bird is shocked into reality..
To find no Islands, cliff edge and  tree tops..
Where once they were on migration path..

Centuries, to have stood the test of time..
Replaced in submergence  .. 
Another yard, of flight to have to go..

In expecting the best ..
Preparing for the worst ..
That is just life lessons, learnt..

And no one  is to play t' victim, blame..
That is just a waste of time..
On this account, quantum is undefined ..


  1. Sage advice. The world is in constant motion and we should keep up with it.

  2. This is a beautiful piece of wisdom. A powerful metaphor and expression

  3. Look at us scramble...and sometimes, what does it get us? Sounds metaphor in those birds, for all of life - we just have to keep moving, keep thinking. We can't dwell. Life demands it.

    My only question is...was there a purpose for capitalizing the second "s" in the word "spots" on the first line? Or was that a typo?


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