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Friday, 29 April 2011

My Royal Invite

Should I have written ..
A poem for the Royals ..
I never got an invite..

Maybe best to blame the post man..
Dog chase or something..
I know I had an invite..

Why else did I get a tuxedo ..
To have my shoes polished, church seats ..
Watching procession on I do, lovelies..   

Blessed them, two figurings on wedding "cakes"..
Church bells and I do, I do..
I know I had an invite, just like Tony and Gordon..

Why else was I given a public holiday ..
The post these days, shoddy ..
I know the post man is to be blamed

So a date it is then infront of flat screens ..
I know a man with 50 inch ..
A date it is then,

Why else did I buy a tuxedo ..
I am sure I had an invite
I know I had an invite ..


  1. Oh Kodjo, you are a joker!! Read my blog to see what I'm doing today...

  2. Great work for the timely event, the tux had your invite all the time. It was in the seems! Thanks for sharing this humorous piece with us!

  3. Very humorous and witty. I didn't get an invitation either, but that's only because nobody knows where Finland is.

  4. Ha ha. I loved it. Somehow they forgot mine too...and President Obama's...and most of the world's...but then again, if they had invited us all they would have run out of CAKE.

  5. Thanks for a fun piece!
    On Paper Wings


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