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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Oh heaven knows, heaven knows 
When palm branches, mark path ways, 
Hallelujah sang, I am the one knocking

And good Friday honoured 
With no meat,  to become vegans, 
Sacrifice of one, for  our souls to cleanse

I hope to God, I get a reprieve
In making omelets
I broke some eggs, may be one too many

To be the man, with mercy granted   
On his last breath, 
I am only human  

And on Easter Sunday
With chocolate to celebrate
And egg symbol of life, 

For new beginnings 
I am the one knocking
Dressed like a rabbit


  1. This is great. "to be the man, with mercy granted mercy On his last breath" is really affective.

  2. I love this! I wish there was a photo of you in the rabbit suit:)

  3. Kodjo,
    I liked the mixture of thoughts and images, written for Easter.

    Best Wishes, Eileen

  4. Serious and funny. Great combination.


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