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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Decoding Life (Free Verse)

000, 111, 888         001, 011, 010        101, 100, 110      
801, 810, 180         088, 008, 080        818, 881 , 800
108, 018,081          880, 808, 100        811, 181,118 

Numbers keys, in plus signs
Options, variable, reverse 
Infinite ways, to think of , acts

In dimensions, confused intellect, 
Putting it down to, not sure best say Quantum
Bets, with the books, paddy power 
Its still purely based on assumptions

Unless, one is to be an in-trader
Not allowed, like crystal balls 
Its all just subjective, don't be fooled
Why hasn't he used those numbers drawn
Fortune telling, falsely telling

Any way, in quantum
Thus you and I, deeds in good and bad
Nah cancel erase, I and you
Nah I, I and you, you
Nah I and I, you and I
Nah you and you , I and you
Nah, us and them, against that
 Nah, it is all of the above and more in codes

In thinking, I must have been 
Something else, before this life
Not sure yet what, still pondering 
Something to do with an old soul 
For I think too much

But Bimbi  was a fish, I think
She could have been a fish, I think
With love for water, a swimmer, I think
She flips like Nemo
Crazy, I just fear drowning 

Decoded, codes entered
Arrows with neon lights, exit signs, 
Where roads end, we walk on air
Weightless, like butterflies 
Caterpillars decoded

0 plus1plus 8 equal to 9
Nine rows, by three column 27 codes
27 codes, divided by three in nunbers..9
Three sets, by three columns....9
That's like nine lives, choose one
In trials and errors, the others wait

Like cat's misjudgement 
Of two walls distance
Move over, next! decoding

Onto the next alternate, decoded
And that is life in codes
Numbers, funny talk, blah, blah, blah
And it goes on, decoding 

000, 888, 111
018,081, 108
180,801, 810......


  1. Thoughtful. We really do spend the majority of our time decoding, don't we? Spoken language, body language, instructions, reading, writing...

  2. I don't know if you participate in blog awards, but I'll have one for you at my blog shortly if you'd like.

  3. Kodjo

    I think your words are so close to our reality, these days.
    Almost without name, simply a barcode!!


  4. "you must have been and old soul who thinks too much"...they say everything in life is mathematical...and now everything we do is traced and watched and counted and coded...but i like the way your poem speaks out behind the codes and i sense your desperation for something so much more substantial and meaningful to life and our existence, as to why we're here...great write...

  5. Our lives seem saturated with numbers and quantification - and you capture that here. Good poem.

  6. my mind is now in a quantum quark - or was that a brain misfire???

    Wow you write code and poetry???

    smiles for your day

  7. Having recently read a book on quantum physics and "string theory" I found this verse to be very intriguing, imagining all the different scenarios. You are mighty with your pen Kodjo!

  8. fascinating bit of verse....and number play...the search for deeper meaning...i think i have too much time to think as well...

  9. Oddly effective jumps between math logic, off the wall observations and poetic logic. This is one of the more interesting things I've read recently.Points for creativity amidst the bleak bar codes.

  10. As old Einstein said

    As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

  11. Beautifully put...

    Here is my one shot:

  12. playful, i enjoyed reading it


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