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Thursday, 28 April 2011

In My Youth

I saw a thousand tears, roll off frustration 
In my youth I was a rebel, 
Canvas shoe worn out, 
On day trading, testify

Made beautiful birds 
With angelic voices, cry the heavens,
 Till it rained no more,
That was in my youth

In my youth 
I never looked back
I understood not emotions, 
What a bore, Doreen 

Oh why do women cry, like open tap
In my youth I blew off 
Many a candle light, 
And stole many in tears

Stepping on delicate pearls 
And left the night, on fortune lust
Like a cow boy on tip toe
To ride the night down south, 

Mama told me 
Not to be like that
In my youth I lived for the thrill 
And felt the excitement

Until I found, my heart stolen
To be brought alive, overwhelmed 
Shining new light, into old days, 
Emotions, I found a fortune 

And so I became a man
And left my youthful ways, behind
If you catch me relapsing
Just tell me a story about my youth 


  1. without tears rolling off frustrations at youth, you will be no you and will not be where you are.

    beautiful portrayal of your youth and growth.

    Well done!

  2. That last stanza is the ideal conclusion for this prose poem. Great story-telling piece with a bit of moral at the end.

  3. This is a great piece, Kodjo. Personal, emotional, even historical. A nice read!

  4. Loved this one, Kodjo. Such a good portrayal of youth, and then the growth and awareness of maturity. Well done.

  5. Kodjo,

    I enjoyed reading your poem, which has a wonderful sincerity and heart cleansing feel.
    Nice to look back and to see how we move on in our lives.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  6. I like how you use plain language in a very delicate way.

  7. I enjoyed it immensely, beautifully worded...

  8. I loved the imagery and your honesty. You learned and grew up; beautiful and delicate~

  9. I really like the growth pain in it. The way we try to suppress them with balms of not feeling emotion. Nice one.

  10. Like the theme of growth, some really good ideas in some stanzas

  11. Young men often "step on delicate pearls," as is their wont. The young men are not the only ones who learn from this though - we pearls learn a lot, too! No regrets, babe! Thanks, Amy

  12. Hello Kodjo.
    This is a fine portrayal of the growth from immaturity in youth to maturity in adulthood...from young and reckless to mature and responsible.
    The ending sealed it for me.

    Very well done and congratulations on being featured for Blog of the Week!

  13. Enjoyed this, especially those last two lines - well said! And the "Mama told me" stanza - the difference between what we know and what we do.



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