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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Turning Leaves

On new things, 
Designed  like new wear
Worn on days, like new day 

#Everyday I live is brand new 
#Am new, my life
#and every smile I bare
#is all me, all mine, is all right 

And I am starting, stardust,
Before I am formed, inform, formation
New life, new birth, new me 

And every day is new day, new things, phoenix 
Every day is new light, spring, sprung 
Board, boaders, chains ripped off, matrix,

Now then, there we, slowly in motion, slowed down
Still frames, click,clack captured,  in mid air, showing
Set free running jumping, over

Boarders, overlooked, like skip beat
New leaf, seasons, reasons,  am free
New life, lighter

#and every day is just like my birthday, 
#I am new, my life, 
#and every step I take is brand new, 
#my ways, my growth. 

The past is the gone, and is gone, like forever 
And I don't speak in past tense, 
Marches, forward, movements, forever 

Am rebirth, the sun's out 
And every day, is brand new,
My life, my style, germinate 

And all the reasons, notion, 
Derived from, set, steps
Enlightened, light sparks, Buddha 

#and everyday I live is brandnew, 
#my life, am new, my joy 
#and the smiles that I bare, are all me,
# am good, al-right
# and everyday I live is brand new, all me

Note: sing along if you can


  1. A wise poem Kodjo ... each day we live is a new day. I like this one my friend!

  2. brought a smile to my face! :)
    great poem & amazing job of bringing it to life

  3. i am starting stardust....i like...each day is a new day, a new opportunity...

  4. A new day...new things to experience, new memories to make. Nicely done. I liked the image at the end.

  5. I like to look at every day as a fresh start too. Enjoyed this One Shot.

  6. A very beautiful Life song KD!
    Once I have emerged from my Transition phase; I am gonna write a song just as lovely as yours here.

    Your words made me smile big!
    It was full of life n hope.. enchanting, I say!!

    Hugs xx

  7. what a positive message...a great share...cheers pete

  8. Such a positive outlook on every day will surely benefit you, Kodjo!

  9. How inspiring, this work is a treasure to be shared. Thank you.

  10. Beautiful lyrics, I love how you presented it to us...thankyou

  11. Always a new day if we wish it to be.

  12. Kodjo, a huge cyberhug to you for this poem. Speaks of life, of renewal, of the beautiful spirit that is YOU. Peace, Amy


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