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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

In Dreams Had

I dreamt, a dream, seeing myself, on a moonless night  
Walking  through, foggy roads, of darkness
Lone tree stood in a distance

Long wild grass, invades minds with scare
Ancient roads, destiny cub-webbed  in doubt
Built long before time, left dormant

Steps I took dis-virgined these paths
Echoes, from the wilderness 
Gave fright to forest walkers

There are things out there, in the background 
Like opposing forces, sent to derail progress
While destiny lies, in abstract dreams

Success is torch light held, a touch away
Guided by motivation
Driven, by assertion 

Then suddenly the dark night
Became overwhelmed by  moon light
I dreamt a dream, a' saw myself in a house of glory

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  1. your house of glory sounds like a beautiful place to me...love how you built it through out...

  2. Ooo - love this, stunning imagery and plenty to contemplate

  3. I had a dream last night the roof was leaking buckets of water on my head -- that's gotta mean something weird.

    Hope you are happier than your foggy lone-tree dis-virgining dream. :)

  4. Kodjo, I think your last two verses said it all, and so very well. Beautifully done my friend ...Clara

  5. this has a great surreal feeling to it I loved it!

  6. Nicely accomplished take on the prompt!

  7. Beautifully said Kodjo and oh ever so hopeful..

  8. This poem reminded me of the vivid dreams I sometimes have that are my way of working through some things. It's almost like a time line of your writing life... thanks for sharing, gives one lots to think about, and I like that!

  9. Lovely! I like the hope in the last stanza.


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