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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Yell out!! Disturbances

Yell out!!, disturbances, what cleanse
Turn not to look in mirrors,
That is just a blame game,
The shrink has no business here

Aaaaaaah, eyes shut, like closed shop
Shop shut, the shop is shut!, no entry
Fingers in the ears, blocking access
Yell out!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, yell out
And if that was to be stock, blame
Like stock take, in by products, 
Am full of it

I would be the man to see, 
Trading stories, like batter trade
See me, am stocked up, 
Yell out

And which do you want, sir 
From knead, I have many to make, sir, mate
Flour surrounds my hands in excess 
I am in the process, aaaaaaaaah

Yell out! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Don't show me mirrors, not yet
Like a boxer, just after a match game,
With bruises

Deeds done in the past 
Just went blind, closed shop
Like a vampire's reflection in mirrors
In consequential

Yell out, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
I am shut down, eyes closed
Not that am cold, though
With cold blood, far from it

But am closed eyes, can't afford melt-down
Till we gone past the acid rain, do not
Not to do with, reflections, regrets, apologies 
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, yell out, disturbance, life


  1. The words - strong alone..to be able to see you speak them..a real treat..thanks for your visit..Jae

  2. I like these words and the poem, Kodjo:

    Deeds done in the past
    Just went blind, closed shop
    Like a vampire's reflection in mirrors
    In consequential

  3. A strong, passionate voice. Very intense.



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