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Monday, 4 April 2011

Puppets On String

Puppet strings pulled 
Up and down by the master, yes sir 
What sir, who sir, which sir, of the masters, sir

Peculiar steps taken on command
Mental slavery, of no I can't be bothered, dullness  
Leads to the let down, fall of ambition strings 

Puppet strings of the lazy, in lazy town, adamant
Going no where, in couch potatoes, fabricated reasons 
Entangled tied in nuts and  set in comatose

What sir, who sir, which sir 
Of the masters to hold my strings, sir
Pulling me on time demand


  1. Now the question becomes, when are we totally free to be? Our strings are pulled at home, work, wherever in some way don't you agree?

    Enjoy the rally!

  2. Well done, Kodjo, and something that must be said. Kudos to you for saying it and say it so well.

    Poem on ...

    Happy Potluck!

  3. ooo entralling! being the puppets of life! cool!

  4. Kodjo, the difference between being a puppet or not depends on whether we let ourselves be manipulated. I was, as a child, but cut the strings years ago. It's probably why I survived!

    Thanks for a great take on the prompt. Here's a little 3WW laugh for you:

    Peace, Amy

  5. brilliant take on the theme. we all are puppets of one thing or the other, mostly.


  6. you combined both the themes perfectly.



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