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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Flash Lights

Picture by: HeatherNelson_India_Hobson

Flash light,  reflecting bounce on mirrors
Click and snaps to capture beauty 
And there we've got it, on postcards to love

Capture time, capture beauty 
Capture age of blossom beauty 
Before the hands of time is wind again

And wrinkles replace elastic skin
Bounce with youthful joy, smile with beauty 
Pose and hold back for a snap

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  1. beauty just changes colors as you get older...smiles. it is still there...and what you once thought beauty to be blows in that same wind...

  2. There can be inner beauty behind wrinkles too! :)

  3. There is a kind of balance between the camera and the flower - you captured that. Well done.

  4. beautiful words, very beautiful and true.

  5. Thoughtful and yes wrinkles add character ;) let them hands of time march ever onwards x

  6. Excellent, Kodjo! Especially the transition half-way through with "Capture time, capture beauty
    Capture age of blossom beauty"
    ties the piece together very well with lyrical repetition.

  7. beauty and the cycle of life in one still moment.nice work.

  8. beauty captured definitely defies age and wrinkles, lovely poem.

  9. *Click*

    A nice one KD! Thank you so much for that kind comment on my blog- I am gloating already.. :D

    Hugs x

  10. Hello love the idea like a flash light ... yes once bud now bloom then gone with the wind.. changes.. like our skin ageing often springs up on someone like a flash light you look and think hang on when did all this happen .. lol really lovely enjoy reading this Beez :))

  11. Love that line, 'before the hands of time is wind again"! Great image.

  12. Thanks for this, Kodjo. I'm one of those wrinkled "bounce for all you're worth" women, proud to show my age and young at heart. This was a gem. Peace, Amy


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