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Friday, 29 April 2011

Wet Blanket (free verse)

Free verse rambling, that means we on   
You see, we started from afar..
And we came fast, light speed..
You turtles, we see you, hide and seek..

We say breathe less, with tantrums..
On bullshit, back bites..
That means suffocate, your nonsense..

And when we say, be done with..
That means, lights out..
We bored now, yawning ..

We concentrating, meditating ..
So few see us, with wings stretched..
To know us, our wing span...

Don't test us, like poke and see..
To enrage sleeping beast, troubles ..
That begs to be caged, for peace sake ..

Run a mile on slow mo..
Its like you running backwards, thinking ..
With every move on progression, stalling..

And if a friend, in friends, says his friends ..
Has nothing to say, but negative tease ..
That is no friend at all, addressed to ..

Tell them to breathless on tantrum..
Scaredy cat and they see us coming..
Light speed ..

Hold on, door knock ..
Here we are, with entrance ..
On God speed ..


  1. Amazing verses...I love the imagery you weave in this piece. The photo is captivating as well and adds to the mood of your writing.

  2. I love your free verse rambling. You took in a lot of territory.

  3. keep words falling freely,
    they are beautiful.


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