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Thursday, 7 April 2011

I Just Got Here From Mars

The face of Mars, 
The face of Venus
The face of two arrows pointing 

Headlines; news to the readers digest
I just got here from Mars, Mars 
I am a travelling Marsian with passport stamped 

It is said that all is fair in love and war 
And love is half war, on subjects we indulge in 
Battling on opinions, hers and mine, on  reasons

This time, I must be right, but of cause I am 
And so is she, or so she thinks  
I think not, not as an alignment with her views 

Not that she is always wrong, 
But I know am right on opinions 
And she looks, looks back, in bewilderment 

Right then and there, she says the same  
In sentence, said "you are so wrong" 
And am off to Mars, with reasons, flights booked 

And she stands with Venus 
And we dig are foot in, 
To do battles on opinions

Until time out is called, and we are ready, to settle
With love, hugs and kisses, candles
Roses, tulips, passions, most of all compromises  

"I am still right 
in silence thoughts a' reasons"

Till the next time with issue, 
Where right is made on reasons
And she just made it in from Venus, a plane lands 

Guess that is why 
Love is half war
And we battle on opinions

But then we show more love, 
On deeds done, to find common grounds
With compromise and reasons 

"and I am still right 
in silence thoughts 'as reasons"

Just don't tell her that, love that
I just made it from Mars, am from Mars 
And she is looking out from Venus 


  1. "... Love is half war
    And we battle on opinions ..."

    The battleplan of love certainly involves compromise! :-)

  2. Lovely poem.. like the repetition of words and yes,love is half war

  3. My Friend once read the book Men are form Mars...in desperation - he'd like this article and poem.

  4. Good take on the age-old problem. Well done.

  5. Well rendered!

  6. "and I am still right..." there's the issue right there-they are BOTH right because they are looking at the problem from different perspectives, different paradigms. But the making up part is still fun!

  7. And like any war...PICK YOUR BATTLES! At least that's what I have learned both in a loving marriage (26+years), with our kids, with my work, you name it. Pick your battles and your words carefully - you can't retract either of them.

  8. and that's what makes us all happy

  9. i too believe in your words, they should be prepared for that difference in mindset :)


  10. This was a fun read. Couples are from different planets but it's nice to know there is compromise or we can just agree to disagree.



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